Out of the trinity of Hindu Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh - Brahma is involved with birth and the creation of man and Mahesh is involved with death and the destruction of man.

Vishnu is involved with the life of man from birth to death. Vishnu protects and sustains the creation of Brahma. Whilst Vishnu is awake he creates the universe and as he sleeps the universe comes to an end. Vishnu is the supreme God.

Vishnu Puran is story of Lord Vishnu who, during man's fight against evil comes to earth time and time again to correct the balance between good and evil.

The story begins as mankind comes into existence through Manu, the son of Lord Brahma. Manu gives birth to the first hero, Maharaj Uttanpad - a powerful king who has two queens, the elder named Suniti and the younger named Suruchi.

The King is fond of his younger queen, but his elder queen has given him his only son, namely Dhruv. On his sixth birthday, Dhruv was sitting with his father when in a fit of jealousy; Suruchi snatched the child away from his father and threw him to the floor.

Suruchi tells the child "If you want to sit on the lap of the King, first worship Lord Vishnu and be reborn as my son".

Dhruv, unable to tolerate this insult forsakes his kingdom and sets off in search of Lord Vishnu and thus begins the story of Vishnu Puran.


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