BANTE BIGADTE is the story of a young couple, Murari and his wife Dulari, who live in extreme poverty in Jhansi.

Murari is a dreamer; he spends his days and nights dreaming about having money, a good job well paid with little work, about the 'good life' in general.

Dulari on the other hand is a more practical, down to earth person. She knows the situation they are in and instead of dreaming about what they could have, she gets on with the job of managing a household with what they do have, the little money her husband brings in.

All of a sudden, all of Murari's dreams come true through an inheritance from his maternal uncle, a wealthy bachelor living in Bombay. They are left with a huge business empire, a beautiful house in the big city of Bombay and more money than even Murari could dream about. But his uncle, knowing his nephew well, left the reins of his business and property into the more trustworthy hands of Dulari.

The couple collect together the few possessions they have and move to their new house in Bombay. Initially, Dulari finds it very difficult to cope with her new life in the city, but gradually she adapts herself to her new environment, emerging as a successful woman who commands respect in both her business and her social circles.

Her husband on the other hand fails miserably. He spends most of his days still dreaming with Banwari, his well-meaning but accident-prone friend from his days of poverty. Banwari is the type of friend who is full of good intentions, he always means well in whatever he does but invariably ends up causing more trouble than his worth.

Together Murari, Dulari and Banwari try to learn the ways of their new life and adapt to their new environment, resulting in many hilarious and sometimes emotional situations, but always with plenty of laughter.

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