The "Suman" group is a family owned group of companies that has been established in the UK for 35 years. This group includes Suman Brothers, Suman Film Company and Suman Music Ltd.

Suman Film Company has now been established for 13 years during which it has been affiliated to B.R. Films, one of India's premier film and television production companies.

Suman was initially set up to handle the sales and distribution of Mahabharat, a 94 episode epic produced by B.R. Films that was to become the most successful television programme in Indian history achieving 98.8% viewership levels in India itself and being shown on both BBC1 and BBC2 and on networks all around the world from South Africa, through America to Indonesia.

As a result of the successful distribution of Mahabharat, the Suman Film catalogue has expanded to include the films and serials of many of the top Indian film studios and producers.

Suman Films now has a catalogue which includes films dating from the 1960's and 1970's - the so-called golden era of Indian cinema - to the current day 'Bollywood' super hits that have recently helped to re-establish the Indian film industry as one of the most successful film industries in the World.

As well as feature films and television serials, Suman now has a large number of Asian based documentaries within its catalogue. Subjects are wide and varying from the tradition of arranged marriages in Mass Marriages to the conflicts in Kashmir in The Emerald Footprint.

As well as supplying Indian products to the world, Suman Film Company also supplies the world's products to India.

The Indian TV market has grown tremendously since the lifting of the restrictions on TV networks and cable companies in India and Suman Film Company are in an excellent position to take advantage of a potentially huge new market and promote English Language products to a fast growing Indian market.

Their latest acquisitions include 13 Martial Arts films and a total of 24 hours of the colorised versions of the classic Laurel & Hardy comedies acquired for several territories around the world including India.