Still in his fifties, Avinash Puri has everything in life one could ask for. He is a highly successful business tycoon and is trusted and respected by all his associates. Gayatri, his pretty wife dotes on him and she too has endeared herself in her social circle through her kind heart and charitable activities.

Blessed with two children, Ajay and Mahima, Avinash is thankful to God for his bountiful mercies.
But is he happy?
Why is he a lonely man living in a crowded world with material success at his feet?
Only Avinash Puri has the answer to these questions.

No one knows that in his youth, he had married another woman only to abandon her when she had become pregnant and needed him most to take care of her and comfort her. This act of betrayal and cowardice on his part had haunted him in his later years.

He was truly repentant and wanted to make amends; but he is unable to do so as he did not know where the first women in his life was to be found as he had lost touch with her.

His first wife was a true daughter of the soil; patient in her suffering, passionate in love, but fierce in hatred. Betrayed and deserted by her husband, on her deathbed she had enjoined her son to take revenge on the man who had ruined her.

But before she could tell him that the man in question was in fact his father, she had died and her son had sworn vengeance on Avinash Puri without knowing even his name or identity.

The plot thickens when the two sons of Avinash Puri fall in love with the same girl without knowing the identity of their rival in this lucid love triangle, revolving around a delicate girl with a heart of gold.

What follows is a stirring saga of his search for the man he is bent upon destroying for his unpardonable sin. Caught in a web of conflicting emotions of love and hatred, revenge and retributions, BETA is a soul-stirring story of a repentant father and his revengeful son on a mission of vengeance.

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