The MAHABHARAT is considered to be one of the greatest epics of the world and is definitely the most successful Indian serial ever breaking television records by reaching viewing figures of over 95% of the population of India and being shown on many major networks world-wide, including the BBC.

Mahabharat is a vast epic of glorious heights and tremendous depths that tells the story of a Great War between the five Pandava Princes and their cousins, the Kauravs, who were all descendents of the great King Bharat - the first King of India.

It tells childhood friendships broken by greed and jealousy, of pledges honoured and promises broken, of the overthrow of kingdoms on the throw of a dice and of the pitch battles and mighty wars that gave rise to the glories of Indian culture.

But, through this story of war, the MAHABHARAT conveys a timeless message of peace encompassing all shades of human nature.

It is a vast epic of glorious heights and tremendous depths, but its essence is contained in the telling of Lord Krishna's message to humanity - the Bhagvad Gita, acknowledged to be the quintessence of all knowledge embodied in the Hindu ethos.

The series is available in its entirety as a 94-episode opus and is now available for the first time for DVD release in a 15 hour condensed version.

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